MMA Sparring Gloves Octagon Gold Edition 1.0 black Expand

MMA Sparring Gloves Octagon Gold Edition 1.0 black


GOLD EDITION 1.0  MMA sparring gloves 

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Metallic  colors and attention to detail will satisfy even the most demanding users. The unique design of the gloves certainly distinguishes them from others. Made of very high-quality  synthetic leather  and threads with increased durability, they are perfect for fighting without restrictions. The ability to grab and hit at the same time makes  them ideal for such systems as: Jiu jutsu, Sambo, Krav Maga, Combat, MMA, Vale tudo, Bjj, Samoobrona and others.  The innovative design and high-quality foam result in practically the same protection as in the case of boxing gloves. Unrestricted use of hands and fingers, which will certainly make every training real.

Product type MMA sparing gloves
Gender Unisex